These days, all are devices are connected one way or another. Some of these are connected directly to the internet via a wired or WiFi connection, and others are connected to each other over another WiFi network, or another technology such as Bluetooth. As more and more devices in your office and even your household get connected, they create a choke-point causing sluggish downloads, buffering or outright breakage. Setting up these networks properly, by allocating preferential bandwidths, adding multiple channels to improve performance, and implanting security protocols go a long way towards a hassle-free and optimized experience. Improve your productivity and get the most out of your internet, when our techs help you:

  • Create a robust yet simplified network of all devices in your office or home;
  • Implement security protocols such as WPK/WPA-2 with complex passwords to provide maximum security for your entire network;
  • Enable Guest logins to your network;
  • Create preferential multi-channel networks to allocate bandwidth;
  • Provide further security by creating super-secure looped networks, including/excluding devices by their MAC IDs, and restricting usage based on timed-windows.

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